Augustine on “The Top 3 Christian Virtues”

By scottsauls | January 27, 2023

Occasionally I will receive an invitation from the author of a new book to write a short endorsement. One such author is Gavin Ortlund, a pastor in California who has recently released a wonderful book about the Christian (and Christ-like) virtue of Humility. My enthused endorsement for this wonderful volume is as follows: “Saint Augustine […]

When “Crushing It” Doesn’t Help Us Feel Better

By scottsauls | January 20, 2023

If you relate to the book of Ecclesiastes — a confounding, long-hand essay written by a man who on the one hand has immeasurable power, wealth, possessions, feasting, and pleasure, and on the other hand cannot find happiness — then this post is for you. As I think about Ecclesiastes and all the other stories […]

What Do We Mean By “Missional Living?”

By scottsauls | January 13, 2023

At our church in Nashville, we have ideas – ideas which we believe come from God – about the purpose and trajectory of spiritual formation. The more invested and comprehensive we are in the various facets of ‘following Jesus,’ the more we will flourish in the world as children of God and kingdom contributors. If you are not part […]

The Groan and Glory of Our Work

By scottsauls | January 6, 2023

Whether our work is done at home or out in the community, as volunteers or for a paycheck, an essential question has to do with how faith relates to our work. Currently, there is a global, emotional crisis related to work. Most people in the world deeply dislike their work. One Gallup poll revealed that […]