Even Tolkien Felt Like A Failure

By scottsauls | August 14, 2022

One time J.R.R. Tolkien wrote a short story to help him process his own frustration with work.¬†The story, Leaf by Niggle, was about an artist who had been commissioned to paint a mural on the side of city hall. Niggle spent the rest of his career attempting to complete that mural, a large and colorful […]

How (And Why) To Put Your Worst Foot Forward

By scottsauls | August 4, 2022

One day in my mid-twenties while studying at Covenant Seminary to become a pastor, I came across a suicide note published in the local newspaper‚Ķwritten by a pastor: “God forgive me for not being any stronger than I am. But when a minister becomes clinically depressed, there are very few places where he can turn […]