Rotten Bananas, Bent Humans, and Delicious Grace

By scottsauls | May 29, 2022

I have always loved banana bread. I am still unsure why they call it “bread” because in taste, texture, and calories, it functions more like a cake. Banana bread is not only a snack or dessert but is also a metaphor for what God can do with questionable ingredients. As most bakers know, the key […]

A Broken Hallelujah is Still a Hallelujah

By scottsauls | May 21, 2022

Have you ever stopped and marveled at how the Bible, including God’s chosen family, is filled to the brim with screw-ups and sufferers? This is my favorite thing about the Bible. All the screw-ups and sufferers that are in there. It gives me hope, because if there is saving grace for bottom-dwellers like them, then […]

Surgeons of the Soul

By scottsauls | May 15, 2022

One day when we lived in New York City, I was in a hurry to get from one meeting to the next. The first step to getting there was to descend to the lobby from the twenty-eighth floor of the building where my first meeting took place. I was joined on the elevator by a […]

There is a Crack in Everything (Including Us)

By Scott Sauls | May 1, 2022

The beginning of blessedness—and the beginning of real change—is not in realizing that we are okay, but in realizing that we are not okay. It is not in becoming convinced that we are superior to everyone else, but that we are no better than anyone else. It is not in believing that we are strong […]