Putting Our Worst Foot Forward for the Glory of God

By scottsauls | April 23, 2022

When Adam and Eve rejected God’s goodness and authority by eating the forbidden fruit, their eyes were opened and they suddenly recognized that they were naked. This new, self-conscious reality set in motion a series of actions, each one a strategy to hide the shame that they felt over what they had done. The more […]

Post-Easter Thoughts — “What Would It Look Like…?”

By Scott Sauls | April 17, 2022

Christians have not always represented Jesus well. Our sometimes-poor representation has created a public relations issue for the movement that he began through his death, burial, and resurrection. When our lives seem more lackluster than compelling, more contentious than kind, more self-centered than servant-like, more fickle than faithful, more self-centered than generous, more proud than […]

When Guilt and Shame Almost Ruined My Easter

By scottsauls | April 10, 2022

Many times, I’ve felt overwhelmed by the gap between my beliefs and my behavior. The week before one particular Easter, I did something that caused me to deeply dislike myself. On a dinner date with my wife, Patti, I expressed my frustration with a certain individual, and then started tearing the person apart with gossip. […]

On Feeling Like a Failure and the Power of Affirming Words

By scottsauls | April 3, 2022

On Mondays at the church I serve, it is common for us to begin our meetings speaking life-giving words over each other. We call them benedictions. The purpose is to offer public encouragement, appreciation, and blessing. As expressions of God’s relentless pursuit in each other’s lives, we want to convey, “I see you, and I […]