Jesus Honored the Poor. Do We?

By scottsauls | January 30, 2022

Several years ago, after preaching a sermon on Christians’ responsibility toward the poor, I received an email accusing me of not appreciating those who “worked for a living.” According to my critic, I had also failed to realize that poor people are poor because they are lazy. If they would stop milking the system, apply themselves, […]

With Jesus All Are Welcome, All Have Influence

By scottsauls | January 24, 2022

Throughout history, there have been many men and women of faith who, from positions of fame and power and influence, have left the world better on a national and global scale. These faithful, high-profile servants are likened to the high-profile servants in Scripture—those with exceptional access to and/or positions of power such as Abraham, Joseph, […]

Successful And Unhappy (How Can It Be?)

By scottsauls | January 16, 2022

In 2015, Business Insider Magazine published an article about Markus Persson, the creator of the wildly successful video game, Minecraft. Persson sold his company for $2.5 billion—establishing him as one of the richest, most successful entrepreneurs in our time. Following the sale, he purchased a mansion for $70 million and spent his days living the […]

The Jesus And The Devil In Me

By scottsauls | January 5, 2022

Several years ago, our Christ Presbyterian Church staff did a Myers-Briggs related exercise together. Part of the exercise included listing all of the well-known people who share our specific personalities. As an INFJ, I discovered that I share a personality with both Jesus and Gandhi. My first thought was that prior to this exercise, I […]

There Is Only One Way To Become Better

By Scott Sauls | January 3, 2022

We cannot muster up love for God’s Word, the Divine Blueprint for being and becoming beautifully and fully human, nor can we sustainably surrender to it, on our own. We need help from beyond ourselves. Before we can come alive as life-giving disciples of Jesus, there must be divine action—a kind that we are unable […]