Toward “A Better You” in 2022 (An Essential Ingredient)

By scottsauls | December 26, 2021

As we consider things about ourselves that we hope will change for 2022, it is helpful for us to consider our readiness (or lack thereof) to invite into our lives things that Scripture says will lead us TOWARD the direction of change. Specifically, Scripture urges us to consider the value of constructive criticism because sometimes […]

Jesus, the Nietzschean Superman, and the Christmas Miracle

By scottsauls | December 19, 2021

The Advent season is so packed with significance, both personal and historical, that we can’t even begin to scratch its surface. As the evangelist, John, writes at the end of his book—if all the things Jesus said and did were written in books, the whole world would not be able to contain them. Each year, […]

The Logic of Faith

By Scott Sauls | December 12, 2021

This coming Sunday, I will preach about Mary, the Mother of Jesus. When the angel appeared to her and announced that she would be the bearer of God’s Son, we are told that she “considered” what the angel said in her heart. Quite literally, the word means that she applied fierce logic to the claims […]