Many Pastors Are Lonely…Must They Be?

By scottsauls | October 21, 2021

In case you haven’t already seen it, this article in The Atlantic by Pete Wehner provides background for why 30% of pastors are actively looking to leave their ministries for something else (no subtweets here…thankfully, I am not one of those pastors). This current crisis for pastors is merely an amplification of a fact that existed […]

We Are All Drunk On Something

By scottsauls | October 14, 2021

I love how Jesus related to damaged and demoralized people. Don’t you? A woman is caught in the act of adultery. In committing the act, she wrecks a home. She brings shame upon herself and her community. Then, pious men decide to publicize her shame to make an example of her. The man with whom […]

The Mathematics of Derailing Spiritually

By scottsauls | October 10, 2021

C.S. Lewis famously said that when we read history, we find that those who did the most for the present world are also the ones who thought the most of the next. In other words, the more heavenly minded we are—the more our heads and hearts are fixed on Jesus, his kingdom, and his purposes—the […]

To Be Heavenly Minded Is To Be *MORE* Earthly Good

By Scott Sauls | October 3, 2021

These days, the word “Christian” evokes as many negative reactions as it does positive ones. This bothers me. Does it bother you? Critics might summarize their feelings about Christians with these alleged words from Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” While […]