Ted Lasso, Mr. Rogers, and Christian Leaders in an Unhinged World

By scottsauls | September 18, 2021

In December of 2020, I saw a meme on the internet in which five portable restrooms were lined up at a construction site. All five of them were on fire. The meme read as follows: “If 2020 were a scented candle…” That sounds about right. The combination of a global pandemic, mass social isolation, emptied […]

All Good Work is God’s Work (Including Yours)

By scottsauls | September 6, 2021

This week’s “bonus essay” comes on Labor Day. Whatever your work might be, I hope God’s blessing on work will encourage you. To learn more about the faith and work component of the church I serve, you can visit the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work website or register for the new Foundations of Faith and Work […]

Rejecting Social Darwinism

By scottsauls | September 5, 2021

At the church I serve, we have for many years advocated for a “womb to tomb” life ethic. To do justly and love mercy as Micah 6:8 calls for, special attention must be given in the name of Christ to all of humanity’s most vulnerable, overlooked, and at-risk persons. These are the people whom Jesus […]