The World Can Hurt You. When It Does, Love Anyway.

By Scott Sauls | September 28, 2021

A time may come when your allegiance to Christ and the truth become costly to you. When faithful discipleship becomes incompatible with the dogma, moral vision, prevailing narratives, and laws of the land as it increasingly has, it is only a matter of time before God’s people experience resistance and possibly outright rejection. If this […]

Ted Lasso, Mr. Rogers, and Christian Leaders in an Unhinged World

By scottsauls | September 18, 2021

In December of 2020, I saw a meme on the internet in which five portable restrooms were lined up at a construction site. All five of them were on fire. The meme read as follows: “If 2020 were a scented candle…” That sounds about right. The combination of a global pandemic, mass social isolation, emptied […]

All Good Work is God’s Work (Including Yours)

By scottsauls | September 6, 2021

This week’s “bonus essay” comes on Labor Day. Whatever your work might be, I hope God’s blessing on work will encourage you. To learn more about the faith and work component of the church I serve, you can visit the Nashville Institute for Faith and Work website or register for the new Foundations of Faith and Work […]

Rejecting Social Darwinism

By scottsauls | September 5, 2021

At the church I serve, we have for many years advocated for a “womb to tomb” life ethic. To do justly and love mercy as Micah 6:8 calls for, special attention must be given in the name of Christ to all of humanity’s most vulnerable, overlooked, and at-risk persons. These are the people whom Jesus […]