How to Fall in Love Biblically

By scottsauls | August 29, 2021

I will not lie. Generally speaking, I am a fan of online dating sites. Not the hookup kind, but the kind that matches personalities, shared interests and goals, and the like. I didn’t meet Patti this way, but I do know of many couples who met online and who now have healthy, fulfilling marriages. There’s […]

Tired? Damaged? Regrets? God Wants to Recruit You

By Scott Sauls | August 23, 2021

If Jesus were with us in the flesh today, I wonder if we would accuse him of being un-American. For as long as I can remember, I have loved being an American. And yet, I have often been caught in characteristically American trappings such as the pursuit of power, money, recognition, prestige, selfish ambition, making a […]

Death by Selfie

By scottsauls | August 15, 2021

A few years ago, stories about famed Australian “Instagram star” Essena O’Neill, went viral. Ms. O’Neill had achieved what many teenage girls would regard as social media world dominance by posting provocative images of herself online. Almost overnight, she became an Internet sensation with over half a million Instagram followers and more than 250,000 YouTube […]

The Truth and Myth of the “PCA Progressive”

By scottsauls | August 7, 2021

Recently, I posted another essay about the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), the denomination of which Christ Presbyterian Church is a part. This is a follow up to that essay, in which I will speak to what some are calling “The PCA Progressive.” IN TRUTH, WE ARE ALL PROGRESSIVES Some have expressed concern that the PCA […]