A Hazard to Myself

By scottsauls | April 15, 2021

A few years ago, our church staff did a Myers-Briggs related exercise. Part of the exercise included noting some well-known people who share our specific personality types. As an INFJ type, I discovered that I share personality traits with both Jesus and Gandhi. My first thought was that prior to this exercise, I had not […]

Can Christianity Become Beautiful Again?

By scottsauls | April 8, 2021

Fact: Christianity — true Christianity, the kind that Jesus introduced through his life, death, resurrection, and moral vision — never stopped being beautiful. Fact: Anything that calls itself Christianity, but that is ugly, judgy, abusive, or abrasive, is not true Christianity. It is a counterfeit of the worst kind, and of the highest order. Fact: We […]

When Easter Doesn’t Fix Things

By scottsauls | April 5, 2021

It’s the week after Easter. The resurrection has been sung about, preached about, and celebrated. There are many reasons to believe that it is not only inspiring, but historically verifiable and true. And yet, the world is still bruised. As one writer has said, we are Easter people living in a Good Friday world. For […]

Why Easter? Because It’s All True

By scottsauls | April 2, 2021

According to the late philosopher and theologian, Francis Schaeffer, there’s one reason, and only one reason, to embrace Christianity: “Because it’s all true.” Why did Jesus claim to be the truth, versus one single truth among many other truths (John 14:6)? Why did he say that he would not share his glory with any other God or […]