Navigating the Emotional Impact of Covid

By scottsauls | November 26, 2020

As Covid disrupts our lives at virtually every turn, people’s emotional lives are also taking a hit. In an era of “social distancing,” believers are especially mindful of the ancient truth that “it is not good to be alone.” This is why solitary confinement is still considered the worst possible thing that could happen among […]

Recovering The Lost Art Of Encouragement

By scottsauls | November 12, 2020

In their book, unChristian, my friends Gabe Lyons and Dave Kinnaman wrote a sobering commentary on Christianity’s decline in the West due to departure from the biblical vision to engage a secular world with grace and love. Similarly, Philip Yancey wrote in What’s So Amazing about Grace: “When I ask people, ‘What is a Christian?’ they […]

Drunk at a Prayer Meeting

By scottsauls | November 8, 2020

At The Gathering 2014, New York Times writer David Brooks gave a fascinating talk called “How to Be Religious in the Public Square,” in which he said that we live in an achievement culture, where success is our primary pursuit. We live by two sets of virtues, two non-overlapping categories: the resume virtues – things […]