Gathering for Worship in a COVID-19 Age: Convictions and Some Lessons Learned

By scottsauls | August 28, 2020

In late July, the U.S. Supreme Court rejected a Nevada church’s request to soften in-person crowding restrictions. The church’s case centered around fairness. If restaurants and casinos can legally fill their rooms to 50% capacity, why can’t worshiping congregations—currently limited to much smaller gatherings—do the same? In a 5-4 split decision, the Court denied the […]

Conflict that Builds Up and Doesn’t Tear Down

By scottsauls | August 21, 2020

Everyone assigns a different meaning to the word “peace.” To some, peace is a calm feeling, an ability to relax, and a care-free life. To others, peace is the end of hostility, a white flag raised to end a terrible war. To others, it is something that happens when we avoid conflict, ignore faults in […]

Stepping Away From Un-Christian Politics

By scottsauls | August 14, 2020

If you’re on social media or are watching the news for more than twelve seconds, you’re sure to spot some sort of rant about a political figure. It has become our habit to mock and insult those authority figures we disagree with. While we can (and should) feel strongly about different political and social issues, […]

When Death Does Us Part…And How Sad Things Come Untrue

By scottsauls | August 7, 2020

As I write this, I do so in grief. Not many days ago, my Mother breathed her last after a decade-long battle with the evil that is Alzheimer’s. A small number of family members sat for days together around her hospice bed, where she lay in a deep, 24/7 sleep as she made her transition […]