Divine Judgment Fueled by Divine Compassion

By scottsauls | February 27, 2020

One of the greatest stumbling blocks to Christianity, especially among those who are drawn to the idea of a loving, compassionate God, is the Bible’s teaching on judgment. Jesus, who was full of compassion and gave his life because God so loved the world, spoke more about judgment than most other subjects. He could not […]

On Money Sickness and Getting Healthy With Wealth

By scottsauls | February 25, 2020

A friend once told me that his boss, a hedge fund manager, routinely drank bottles of wine valued at $25,000. My initial reaction to this information was to be appalled by the hedge fund manager’s excess. I told my friend that I could never enjoy a glass of wine from such a costly bottle because […]

On Constructive Criticism and Our Need to be Liked

By scottsauls | February 13, 2020

A few years ago, my friend Gabe Lyons and Dave Kinnamon wrote unChristian, a sobering commentary on Christianity’s decline in the West due to departure from the biblical vision to engage a secular world with grace and love. Similarly, Philip Yancey once said in an interview, When I ask people, “What is a Christian?” they […]

When Pastors Fail Their People

By scottsauls | February 7, 2020

Very recently, another two high-profile pastors were exposed for moral failure in their ministries. I share this essay more as a reminder to myself than anyone else that this could happen to anybody — including me. Whenever I hear a story like this, it scares me as much for myself as it does for anybody […]