The Love of God…More Than A Second-Hand Emotion

By scottsauls | November 29, 2019

One of the most remarkable things that has ever been said is that the God who made the universe loves us. To better understand the weightiness of this, we have to understand the meaning of love. Love as we understand it is typically associated with feelings that come and go. One pop song tells us that […]

If We’re Not Offending Anyone, Are We Being Faithful?

By scottsauls | November 22, 2019

The following post attempts to answer an excellent question I receive occasionally about an emphasis at Christ Presbyterian Church that we call “hospitable worship.” Question: “When you make your ministry and services ‘hospitable’ to people who do not embrace Christian teaching, don’t you risk compromising your commitment to biblical truth? Doesn’t the Bible say that Christians will be the […]

On Sharing Life With “Very Special” People

By scottsauls | November 15, 2019

Whenever I am asked what makes me most proud of the church that I get to serve, Christ Presbyterian’s emphasis on people with disabilities and special needs always makes the list. Although I have written about this before, and have made public this related talk that I first gave at a Joni and Friends event, our […]

On Being “Naked” And Unashamed

By scottsauls | November 8, 2019

About a decade ago, Arlie Hochschild of the The New York Times released an essay called “The State of Families, Class and Culture.” She observed that in modern times, we have a curiously consumerist approach to love: On Internet sites and television shows, we watch potential partners searching “through the rack” of dozens of beauties […]