Saying “No Thanks” to Political Correctness

By scottsauls | July 27, 2019

Often, it seems that Christians must choose between: a) political incorrectness—which can turn into a stance against secular culture (truth-without-grace), and b) political correctness—which can turn into a capitulation to secular culture (grace-without-truth). I don’t like either of these options. Truth without grace isn’t really true. Rather, it is aggression disguised as discernment. And grace without truth isn’t […]

Humility and Greatness are the Same Thing

By scottsauls | July 19, 2019

Arthur Miller’s famous play, Death of a Salesman, features a pitiful character named Willy Loman. His story is a cautionary tale of a life that is hollow and sad, because the most important thing in life for him is to be well liked and well respected by others. According to Willy, appearing successful matters more […]

On Becoming Conservative Liberals

By scottsauls | July 13, 2019

I love being a pastor for many reasons. In more ways than I am able to count, our community at Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville is a wonderful representation of God’s kingdom—a sweet manifestation of the aroma of Jesus. In a world of outrage, judgment, fear, posturing, and caricature, I especially appreciate how our community […]

The Nashville Statement, the Airing of Differences, and the State of the PCA

By scottsauls | July 6, 2019

Recently, in anticipation of the Presbyterian Church in America’s annual Assembly, I wrote the longest blog post ever. Here, I share some final, releated thoughts in retrospect. This year, our central and impassioned focus in the PCA was on marriage and sexuality, especially concerning people in our pews and pulpits who (a) experience same-sex attraction or […]