Church: Joining Your Imperfect Self to Other Imperfect Selves

By scottsauls | March 28, 2019

When the local church falls short of Jesus’ vision for the church as a “radiant bride” reflecting his glory, a “city on a hill” that shines with attractive good works, “the salt of the earth” that prevents decay and promotes flourishing, and “the light of the world” that makes dark places less dark, some Christians […]

Tired of Yourself? Jesus Will Never Tire of You

By scottsauls | March 22, 2019

We crave affirmation and praise. This is so because we are made in the image of God, who is both the object and source of love, adoration, praise and wonder. Yet we are haunted because there is much about us that invites shame more than it does admiration. We miss the mark and we miss the boat, failing […]

“Don’t Wrestle With Pigs” (Thoughts on Handling Criticism)

By Scott Sauls | March 4, 2019

I hate it when people criticize me. Yet being criticized is to be expected when you are an influencer or a leader. Even the best parents routinely get criticized by their children, bosses by their employees, coaches by their players, athletes and artists by their fans, teachers by their students, and pastors by their congregants. […]