How Self-Proclaimed Two-Faced Hypocrites are a Credit to Christianity

By scottsauls | February 23, 2019

One of the most bothersome and refreshing things about the Bible is all the screw-ups that are in there, whom God loves nonetheless. The hypocrite story traces back to Eden, where Adam and Eve—humanity’s first parents—ate the fruit forbidden by God. The rest, as we know, was history. After Adam and Eve, there came others: Noah […]

On Young Widows, Hot Tea, and Heaven

By scottsauls | February 9, 2019

Very recently in a sermon, I reminded our congregation that the true nature of our souls is most often revealed not in the fun and easy times, but in the crucible of suffering and sorrow. Like a dry tea bag, we really don’t know what’s “in there” until it is steeped in hot water. In […]