The Scariest Thing Jesus Ever Said

By scottsauls | January 31, 2019

The following is a modified excerpt from Scott Sauls’s latest book,¬†Irresistible Faith. Used by permission from Thomas Nelson. For some, the Bible is a comfort. For others, it is a disruption. Through the Bible, God heals with reassuring words of forgiveness, kindness and welcome. Also through the Bible, God pierces with warnings meant to stir […]

An Atheist Gives Sound Biblical Advice To Christians

By scottsauls | January 8, 2019

In the current sermon series at our church, we’ve explored several direct encounters with Jesus from the Gospels in which a person expressed doubt and/or skepticism about the nature and claims of Christianity. Rather than dismiss such concerns, like Jesus our desire ought to be to engage them, and to take things like doubt and […]

An Easy, Non-Intimidating Way to Start Reading the Bible

By scottsauls | January 1, 2019

One of the great things about New Year’s Day is it moves us toward reflection on our own lives, and specifically how we can grow in the coming year. For many people of faith, this includes starting, or perhaps re-starting, a regular plan for Bible reading, meditation, and prayer. For those who would like to […]