Identifying and Forsaking Our Spiritual Mistresses

By scottsauls | October 29, 2018

God’s intention is to restore believers in Christ and turn them into new people. “If anyone is in Christ,” the Scripture says, “he is a new creation. The old has gone and the new has come.” As Christians, it is our job to cooperate with this “new creation” vision for our lives. Our motivation for […]

Why Doctrine Still Matters

By scottsauls | October 19, 2018

In the world of ministry and ministers, and also Christians in general, there can be a love/hate relationship with theology. On the one hand, we love theology because it gives us an ordered, systematic, and storied picture of the sixty-six books of the Bible. We might say that theology packages the Bible—which can feel daunting […]

The True Meaning of Success

By scottsauls | October 15, 2018

In a day when Christians are sometimes perceived as narrow-minded, mean-spirited and judgmental, it is wise to frequently visit 1 Corinthians 13, commonly referred to as “the love chapter.” Jesus himself said that the first and greatest command is to love God, and the second (which flows from the first) is to love people as we […]

Why Porn and Destroying a Name are the Same Thing

By scottsauls | October 1, 2018

NOTE: Before you read this essay, bear in mind that it was written long before any of the current American political craziness came to be. Please don’t read any political motives or sub-texts into what is written here. Because if you do, you will actually be proving my point. I don’t know what to think […]