A Mourner’s Thoughts On Sickness, Sorrow, Pain And Death

By scottsauls | August 26, 2018

Recently, a thirteen-year-old boy in our church died tragically from a depression-related suicide. On Sunday, I delivered THIS SERMON in an attempt to help our congregation understand God’s heart on such a tragedy, as well as to invite the kind of deep lamenting and mutual support called for by such an occasion. Finally, to add […]

The Dignity of EVERY Kind of Work

By scottsauls | August 5, 2018

Every kind of work that creates something new or enhances something broken or lacking is glorious because of how it intersects with God’s ongoing, creative mission in the world. It is glorious because of how it further nudges God’s Garden toward becoming the Holy City it’s destined to be. But how do we determine whether […]