Damaged Souls and the Kindness of Jesus

By scottsauls | June 21, 2018

I love how Jesus related to damaged, condemned people. Don’t you? A woman sins against God and is caught in the act of adultery. She wrecks a home. She brings shame upon herself and her community. Pious men take her shame public. “Lawbreakers must not be tolerated,” they think. “She must be condemned for her […]

Let’s Take Off Our Masks, Shall We?

By scottsauls | June 18, 2018

When Adam and Eve rejected God’s goodness and authority by eating the forbidden fruit, their eyes were opened and they suddenly recognized that they were naked. This new, self-conscious reality set in motion a series of actions, each one a strategy to hide the shame that they felt over what they had done. The more […]

On Feeling Like a Failure and the Power of Affirming Words

By scottsauls | June 12, 2018

Monday mornings at the church I serve, we begin our staff meetings by speaking life-giving words over each other. We call them benedictions. The purpose is to offer public encouragement, appreciation, and blessing. As expressions of God’s relentless pursuit in each other’s lives, we want to convey, “I see you, and I see God working […]

Thoughts on LGBTQ+, Porn, Promiscuity, Community, and Christian Faithfulness

By scottsauls | June 2, 2018

I am one of those Christians who sometimes gets labeled “too conservative” by liberal friends and “too liberal” by conservative friends. In the past, I was bothered by such labels. But over time I have come to believe that in most instances, this “hard to figure out place” is the best—and dare I say most […]