Shedding Our Chameleon Skin

By scottsauls | April 9, 2018

People are like chameleons. We’re good at hiding. Why do we hide? Because rejection is simply too painful to bear. The chameleon in us—or what Brennan Manning has called the Imposter—is represented by multiple “colors” or masks that we use to hide ourselves and fit in. Most of us have a work self, an at-home […]

Resurrection (is Not) for Dummies

By scottsauls | April 4, 2018

Post-Easter, I thought I would offer a few tidbits for those who wonder if one can be a Christian and use her/his brain at the same time. I hope you are encouraged in your faith or challenged in your skepticism, or perhaps both, as you consider… It is no small thing that C.S. Lewis was […]