What If…?

By scottsauls | February 26, 2018

Just a few “What if’s…” on my mind this week. Spurred on by the New Testament vision for Christians and Christ’s church. In our current climate of vitriol, distrust, slander, and taking easy offense, WHAT IF Christians could lead in the following…? What if, in the spirit of Jesus providing wine at a wedding feast […]

On Replacing Partisan Politics With Persuasive Lives

By scottsauls | February 20, 2018

Whatever one’s place in life, whatever age or influence, all Christians are filled with the Holy Spirit’s power, endowed with the Father’s wisdom through Scripture, and energized by the love of Jesus. As such, all Christians are called as Christ’s ambassadors into the places where they live, work, play, and worship, with the glorious purpose […]

Getting Lent Right: Repentance and Moralism are *NOT* the Same Thing

By scottsauls | February 12, 2018

(Photo credit Jon Tyson) As the 2018 Lenten season approaches (starting this Wednesday) — a season in which many Christians around the world emphasize “self-denial” in some way as a means of remembering the cross of Christ which secures our pardon, and the daily “taking up a cross” to which the cross calls us throughout […]