Time to Cut the Emotional Umbilical Cord

By scottsauls | November 27, 2017

Do you remember what Gollum called the ring of power in The Lord of the Rings? His “Precious.” J.R.R. Tolkien was reading the human condition when he came up with that little detail. It is our fallen human tendency to grasp a “Precious” to replace Jesus as our functional lord and savior. C.S. Lewis put […]

Take Not Your Holy Spirit from Me

By Scott Sauls | November 10, 2017

We cannot muster up love for God’s Word or surrender to it on our own. Before we can become surrendered and obedient disciples, there must be divine action—that we are unable to manage or control—that occurs for the Bible to become sweet to us. In other words, we need to be acted on from the […]