Heavenly Minded = *More* Earthly Good

By Scott Sauls | September 26, 2017

These days, the word “Christian” seems to evoke as many negative reactions as it does positive ones. This bothers me. Does it bother you? Critics might summarize their feelings about Christians with these alleged words from Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your […]

Leaders and Loneliness

By scottsauls | September 19, 2017

In the past two years, five of my friends who are pastors lost their ministries because of moral failure. Five. Most of these pastors were also well known and celebrated beyond their local contexts. From the outside, it seemed they were at their peak pastorally and relationally. How could it be otherwise? Their books sold like hotcakes, […]

On Falling in Love Biblically

By scottsauls | September 11, 2017

I will not lie. I am a big fan of online dating sites. Although I didn’t meet Patti this way, I know of many couples who did meet online and who now have healthy, fulfilling marriages. There’s something to be said for a resource emphasizing compatibility in the areas of life that matters most to […]