I Hate All Criticism And I Shouldn’t — Here’s Why

By scottsauls | March 27, 2017

  I hate it when people criticize me. Recently, a man who was traveling through Nashville and had visited our church sent me a public criticism on Twitter, telling me all of the things that, in his “humble opinion,” were wrong about my sermon. Feeling defensive and irritated, I foolishly retaliated with a zinger or […]

Seeing Jesus through Mortality and Death

By scottsauls | March 13, 2017

  Reflecting on the future of the human race, Anne Lamott said candidly: A hundred years from now? All new people. I’ve always liked reading Anne Lamott because she cuts to the chase and, raw and unfiltered, tells the truth about life. And the truth about life is, at least for now, that life is […]