We’re All Drunk On Something

By scottsauls | February 20, 2017

  I love how Jesus related to damaged, condemned people. Don’t you? A woman sins against God and is caught in the act of adultery. She wrecks a home. She brings shame upon herself and her community. Then, pious men take her shame public. “Lawbreakers must not be tolerated,” they think. “She must be condemned […]

Thoughts on Refugees, National Security, and True Discipleship

By scottsauls | February 13, 2017

As an evangelical Christian pastor who abhors partisan politics but cares deeply for the flourishing of all who bear the image of God, I support efforts to enhance national security and doing everything possible to help the world’s most vulnerable refugees get out of harm’s way as quickly and safely as possible. I support both of […]

When Success Becomes A Catastrophe

By scottsauls | February 6, 2017

By all appearances, it feels like I am in a very sweet season right now. Marriage is a source of joy. Our daughters are the kinds of girls who make a mom and dad both proud and thankful. Ministry is a blast these days — I get to serve alongside some truly exceptional people. I […]