Hannah Montana, Sufjan Stevens, NYC, and the Abstract Art of God

By scottsauls | December 19, 2016

  It made my heart sing when I got a text from our eighteen-year-old daughter a couple of weeks ago, in which she exclaimed, “Sufjan Stevens’ Christmas record is awesome!” If you don’t know who Sufjan Stevens is, that probably means you are over thirty-five years old and don’t know a lot of people who are under thirty-five […]

Christmas: The Fairy Tale That Must Be True

By scottsauls | December 12, 2016

  Have you ever stopped, just for a second, and considered the far-fetched claims of Christianity at Christmas time? During this particular holiday, Christians all over the world—millions and millions of them—pause to contemplate a first-century middle eastern infant, mothered by a teenage girl who had never been with a man, born dirt poor and from […]