Because We All Have Special Needs

By scottsauls | November 21, 2016

  According to The American Journal of Medical Genetics, 99% of those living with Down Syndrome say that they are happy. 97% say that they like who they are. And 99% agree with the statement, “I love my family.” According to one writer, these statistics identify those living with Down Syndrome as “the happiest people […]

To All My Post-Traumatic, Post-Election Friends

By scottsauls | November 8, 2016

  For the past year, politically interested Christians have blogged, tweeted, and preached as if the sky was about to fall. The Christian ‘left’ has dreaded the possibility of the Republican candidate becoming President. Similarly, the Christian ‘right’ has dreaded the same in the opposite direction. With a whopping 52% of adults reporting high levels […]