Pastoral Thoughts For Politically Anxious Christians

By scottsauls | October 31, 2016

  Warning: This post is roughly three times the length of my average essay. My prayer, given the cultural moment that we are in, is that what lacks in brevity here will be made up for in recovery of gospel sanity. I welcome your comments, but please be kind. Oh, and one more thing. If […]

Lessons From An Atheist: Toward A Better, Truer Christianity

By scottsauls | October 23, 2016

  Two years ago, I wrote a book about how I’m tired of taking sides. But sometimes taking sides is unavoidable. When faced with Jesus’ claim that He is “the way, the truth, and the life” and that no one comes to God the Father except through Him, we have to choose. Do we believe Him […]

Enjoying Success? Guard Your Heart

By scottsauls | October 17, 2016

  Anyone who knows me will tell you that my life has been far from perfect. I have been anxious and depressed, sometimes in a deeply crushing way. I have been racially clueless and often wonder, “Am I still?” I have been sharply and publicly criticized for certain ministry practices. I get worked up too much, because my personality is […]

Rejecting Fear in the Divided States of America

By scottsauls | October 10, 2016

  If anything, Sunday’s presidential debate revealed the unstable nature of our current cultural moment. A quick glance at the news or the average social media feed reveals an undercurrent of outrage. Anger and disdain is apparent in many places, including what many believe is the most polarizing, bizarre presidential election cycle that we’ve ever experienced. The Republican candidate is […]

Healing the Lonely in You and Me (Guest Post from Ann Voskamp)

By scottsauls | October 2, 2016

  Every now and again God sends you a friend to remind you how generous and kind he is. Two Christmases ago, for us that person was Ann Voskamp. Ann, her husband Darryl, and seven children (yes, seven…not a type-o) are humble servants of Jesus and generous conduits of his kindness, mostly from their lovely farm in Canada. […]