Preparing for a President Nobody Seems to Want

By scottsauls | July 18, 2016

  Most would agree that we live in strange times. In just a few months, the strangeness will take center stage when the citizens of the United States decide who they will choose as “the lesser of two evils” in the coming presidential election. Most are uneasy with the right-leaning candidate because his behavior has proven less than presidential: insulting […]

The Jesus and the Hitler in Me

By scottsauls | July 7, 2016

  A couple of years ago, our church’s executive director, Bob Bradshaw, took our staff through a Myers-Briggs related exercise. Part of the exercise included listing all of the well-known people who share our specific personalities. As an INFJ, I discovered that I share a personality with both Jesus and Gandhi. My first thought was […]