“Comparison…The Thief Of Joy”

By scottsauls | May 31, 2016

  The hunt for self-esteem is everywhere. Advice on how to achieve it can be found in parenting articles, business coaching, and the self-help section of every bookstore. According to the Harvard Business Review: Self-esteem is . . . considered the bedrock of individual success. You can’t possibly get ahead in life, the logic goes, unless you […]

The Janitor Who Taught the U.S. President a Thing or Two About Work

By scottsauls | May 24, 2016

  We spend our days working—at home, in the community and marketplace, as volunteers, or for a paycheck. Some of us feel mostly satisfied in our work. Others feel challenged, frustrated, and even wrecked by obstacles presented to us in our work. To whatever degree work is a part of our lives, it’s important to […]

On Gender: Why He Needs Her, and She Needs Him

By scottsauls | May 17, 2016

  In my last post, I began to reflect on some of the implications of God creating us in two distinct genders, that “he made us male and female.” Here, I will add just a few additional observations. I would love to hear your thoughts. —————————— When God first draws a man and a woman toward […]

God Made Us Male and Female, And That’s A Good Thing

By scottsauls | May 10, 2016

  In 1993, relationship counselor John Gray wrote a book called Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus. The book’s premise is obvious from the title: Men and women are cut from a different cloth. Put an X chromosome in the place of a Y and you get a whole new anatomy and, Gray also […]

Family: Beautiful Gift, Insufficient Savior

By scottsauls | May 2, 2016

  Family is the chief biblical metaphor to describe how God relates to us. God is our Father and we are his children. Jesus is husband and we are his Bride, the Church. We are our Beloved’s, and our Beloved is ours, says Solomon’s Song. The marriage between a man and a woman, in the […]