Things We Hate to Talk About (But Probably Should)

By scottsauls | April 11, 2016

Just short of three years ago, I received a call from a news reporter seeking a ‘conservative Presbyterian perspective’ on a controversial decision that had been made by another, more ‘liberal Presbyterian’ denomination. I cringe at being labeled ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ as Jesus, in different ways, is both ‘conservative’ and ‘liberal’…but I digress. I understood the reporter’s label, because he […]

Engaging Politics in a Grown-Up, Non-Judgy Way

By scottsauls | April 4, 2016

Christians can show Christ to the world in the way that we respond to authority. Rather than bucking the system, sticking it to the man, insulting or talking back, Christians are taught in the Bible to respond to authority with honor. This starts with honoring God, who holds authority over the whole universe, including our […]