On Kim Davis, the Good Samaritan, and Fruitful Ways to Take a Stand

By scottsauls | September 23, 2015

  Recently, I posted a comment on social media that got a high number of responses – some agreed with me, and some others did not. The post read as follows: Millions of homeless, vulnerable refugees, and all the attention goes to Kim Davis. Lord have mercy. I hope this wasn’t an arrogant or offensive thing of […]

Why Conservative Biblical Theology *Must* Produce Liberal Loving

By scottsauls | September 16, 2015

This week I’m feeling especially proud of the church that I get to serve as pastor. The people of Christ Presbyterian Church have a history of stunning generosity. Being conservative in their theology—believing every word of Scripture to be right and true—our people have become liberal in their loving. Being sojourners on the narrow path, […]

Shrek, Marcus Mumford, Pilate, and the Politics of Spin

By scottsauls | September 10, 2015

I believe that there are essentially two ways to approach politics. On the one hand, there are the politics of God’s kingdom, which I hope to write about in a couple of weeks (next week’s post will focus on the Syrian refugee crisis…please stay tuned). On the other, there are the politics of the world, which is […]

Let’s Talk Politics, Shall We?

By scottsauls | September 1, 2015

Politics are in the air, so let’s talk about them a little bit, shall we? * Sometimes a sermon can be a polarizing thing. Once I was preaching to a crowd of New Yorkers about how Christians should respond to the problem of poverty. I will never forget two e-mails that I received the following […]