David Brooks On Creating ‘Ramps’

By scottsauls | October 16, 2014

In last week’s post, instead of sharing my own reflections on this or that, I shared a few thoughts from a talk given by New York Times columnist David Brooks about how not to engage the secular world as Christians. This week, I would like to share another excerpt from Brooks’ same speech, but that looks at the same thing from a different angle. […]

How Not To Engage The Secular World

By scottsauls | October 8, 2014

Recently, a friend recommended an extraordinarily insightful transcript to me from a talk given by New York Times columnist David Brooks on how the ‘Christian world’ can engage the ‘secular world’ (the full transcript can be accessed here). This week and next, I am going to feature two excerpts from Brooks’ magnificent speech. Today, the focus will be […]