An Exemplary Prayer


Every now and then I will feature something that has moved me personally on my blog. This week is one of those occasions. Christine Schaub, a member of Christ Presbyterian Church where I serve as pastor, offered a lovely, biblically rich “Prayers of the People” during services recently. I wanted to share this prayer with you (with Christine’s permission, of course), in hopes that it will enrich your prayers as it has mine.

By Christine Schaub of Christ Presbyterian Church

O Lord our God, hear the prayers of your people:

Because You are so benevolent, hear our prayers for those in need—lead the jobless to fulfilling work, the homeless to safe dwellings, the hungry to good food, the lonely to thoughtful neighbors, the ailing to kind healers, the sad to cheerful friends, the discouraged to hopeful plans.

And because You are righteous, hear our prayers for integrity in leadership, honesty in business, honor in relationships. Help us to resist losing integrity that once lost is so difficult to restore. Help us to succeed in ways that reflect Your glory and favor.

And because You are so generous, hear our prayers to establish Your kingdom even now—bless this church through our outreach to Nashville, through our loving community towards each other, through our compassion toward healing broken marriages, broken hearts, divided families.

Help us be always sensitive toward the needs of Your people.

Because You are just, hear our prayers for justice for children in the womb, for the weak, the powerless, and those who suffer from corruption of the natural order…even for animals when they are treated cruelly.

And in the midst of your acts of justice, let us remember Your graciousness toward those who repent for offending You…and let us show the same grace toward those who trespass against us.

Help us work always toward peace.

And Lord, because You glory in worship, hear our prayers for the church, illustrated in your Word:

From 2 Timothy: We pray that the church will preach the Word of God without apology.

From Colossians: We pray that the church will devote itself to prayer.

From Acts: We pray that the church will boldly share Jesus as the only hope for salvation.

From John: We pray that the church will worship God in spirit and in truth.

From 1 Peter: We pray that our leaders will serve humbly as godly examples to all.

From Colossians: We pray that the church will labor and strive to present everyone as mature in Christ.

From Matthew: We pray that more workers step up to faithfully serve.

From Ephesians: We pray that our leaders equip the saints for the work of ministry.

From Revelation: We pray that the church does not lose its first love.

From Matthew: We pray that we will trust Jesus to grow the church.

Help us trust always in Your Word.

We pray all these things in Your powerful, kind and generous name. Amen.



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