We Are Not Meant To Be Awesome

By scottsauls | July 30, 2014

Sometime in 2014, the former Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, made a pretty stunning statement. It was in the middle of a speech in which he was reflecting on his own legacy at the age of 72. He spoke about initiatives he had spearheaded in to reduce obesity, eliminate second hand smoke from […]

An Exemplary Prayer

By scottsauls | July 22, 2014

Every now and then I will feature something that has moved me personally on my blog. This week is one of those occasions. Christine Schaub, a member of Christ Presbyterian Church where I serve as pastor, offered a lovely, biblically rich “Prayers of the People” during services recently. I wanted to share this prayer with […]

Shame, The Image Of God, And Gaining Freedom To Love

By scottsauls | July 17, 2014

The longer I am a pastor, the more convinced I become that every person, regardless of her or his situation, is fighting a hidden battle with shame. Shame, the greatest enemy of God’s grace and also the greatest inhibitor of truth, justice, and human love, is something that must be addressed if a dysfunctional human […]

Church: Joining Your Imperfect Self to Other Imperfect Selves

By scottsauls | July 10, 2014

When the local church falls short of Jesus’ vision for the church as a “radiant bride” reflecting his glory, a “city on a hill” that shines with attractive good works, “the salt of the earth” that prevents decay and promotes flourishing, and “the light of the world” that makes dark places less dark, some Christians […]