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In 2012, the people of Christ Presbyterian Church came together and began to dream. We dreamed about what it could look like to preserve the rich heritage of our founders, while adapting to serve the needs of a city that is reinventing itself. Nashville is an emerging prototype of the New South. Nicknamed ‘The Third Coast’ by The LA Times and The New York Times, Nashville is a cultural center for higher education, the arts and entertainment, healthcare, government, finance, entrepreneurism, philanthropy, many cultures, and religious pluralism. The world is coming to Nashville, positioning our city to impact the world beyond itself.

At Christ Presbyterian Church, we are participants in God’s mission to renew Nashville—spiritually, socially, and culturally—that the world beyond Nashville might also be renewed. And so, with prayer, imagination, and the way of Jesus as our guide, we have put our renewed vision to words…

To follow Christ in His mission of loving people, places, and things to life.

As we step forward on this mission, we find ourselves in a season of renewal, optimism, and joy.

We are a family that finds meaning in the truth, beauty, community, and mission of God. We are builders and baby boomers, gen-xers and millennials, conservatives and progressives, educators and athletes, struggling doubters and committed believers, engineers and artists, introverts and extroverts, healers and addicts, CEO’s and homemakers, affluent and bankrupt, single and married, happy and hurting, lonely and connected, stressed-out and carefree, private and public schoolers, PhD’s and people with special needs, experts and students, saints and sinners.

We are incomplete works in progress who want to be part of a story bigger than ourselves, a story in which the presence and power of Jesus are felt in the places where we live, work, play, and worship. Filled with his Spirit, we hope—in big ways and small—to leave the world better than we found it.

Where the world is struggling, we follow Christ in his mission to heal and restore. As a compassionate people, we work for a better world by confronting evils that threaten human dignity: poverty and neglect, injustice and abuse, racism and classism, hurting neighborhoods and failing schools, illness and addiction, hypocrisy and loneliness.

Where the world is confused, we follow Christ in his mission to clarify and compel. As a truth-telling people, we invite our neighbors to consider the truth and beauty of God—to see and experience Jesus as the answer to humanity’s longing for forgiveness, hope, community, and meaning.

Where the world is beautiful, we follow Christ in his mission to celebrate and cultivate. As an affirming people, we resist cynicism. We applaud and participate in the things that are right and good with the world—things that support and advance the common good for all of our neighbors.

Where the world is lacking, we follow Christ in his mission to share and create. As a life-giving people, we want to live well and love well—so that all of our neighbors—whether they share our beliefs or not—are glad that we are here. Whether at church, in our neighborhoods, at work or at play—we want to be advocates more than adversaries, contributors more than consumers, givers more than receivers. As people who have received much, we are eager to share. As people who have been welcomed, we are eager to welcome others. As people who have been loved much, we are eager to love.

This is our unfolding story. We hope you will consider intersecting your story with ours.


* The words above are an extended version of the script of a video that will soon be released about Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee

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