Baby Boomer + Millennial Values = Revival?


Before reading my comments below, for context you may want to first read this blog post.

This post, generated by a man from the Millennial generation who grew disillusioned with his church, reveals something that is important for pastors like me to consider. And that is that a moralistic, therapeutic approach to ministry, and also to engaging the culture, is neither biblical nor effective. What is needed is a return to two things. First, we need doctrinally robust churches that clearly proclaim what is true (a dominant Baby Boomer value). Second, we need doctrinally beautiful churches, whose doctrine inspires faith that expresses itself through neighbor love (a dominant Millennial value).

Some brief observations about the article itself:

First, a lack of Scripturally and doctrinally sound ministry is indeed a central piece, if not THE central piece, of the erosion of evangelical impact on modern culture. A famine for hearing the word of The Lord always results in a famine of ministerial impact.

Second, one might add, also, that many “doctrinally sound” evangelical ministries have not always taken care also to be doctrinally beautiful. When us-against-them, defensive, and fear-based postures displace a functional commitment to speak the truth…and to do so in love…the salt inevitably loses its savor. Orthodoxy and orthopraxy, truth and love, grace and truth, word and deed, or whatever we choose to call it – must always go hand in hand.

I find it heartening the Millennial generation has this renewed vigor about neighbor love. Now, if we could only find a way to combine the Millennial fervor for neighbor love with the Baby Boomer fervor for the truth, perhaps we will see revival begin to take shape. I certainly hope so.


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