A Remedy For Controlling Personalities (Like Mine)

By scottsauls | October 18, 2019

Not long our church staff did a Myers-Briggs personality exercise together. Part of the exercise was to identify well-known people from the past who shared our same personality traits. When it was time to discuss my personality (INFJ), which is apparently the most rare—accounting for less than 1% of people—we discovered that I share a personality type […]

Why Is Loneliness A Thing?

By scottsauls | October 11, 2019

Twentieth century novelist Thomas Wolfe said that the central and inevitable fact of human existence is loneliness. Whether we are introverts or extroverts, married or single, standing on the stage or sitting in the cheap seats, preaching sermons or listening to love songs, we all share the struggle to connect. I resonate with this thought. […]

The Hidden Poverty of Affluence

By scottsauls | October 4, 2019

When our family moved to Nashville from our 850 square-foot apartment in New York City, we were hoping for more living space… but not too much more. We had grown accustomed to the smaller space, which drew us together and enabled us to live more simply. We asked our realtor to find us a modest […]