Why Every Single Person Matters

By scottsauls | August 15, 2019

There are few things that make me more proud to be the pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville than Christ Pres’s unique emphasis on children with special needs. Once a year, our children’s staff has an amazing “vacation Bible school” for kids with special needs and their siblings. There is also a monthly expression of this […]

Shame, The Image Of God, And Gaining Freedom To Love

By scottsauls | August 8, 2019

The longer I am a pastor, the more convinced I become that every person, regardless of her or his situation, is fighting a hidden battle with shame. Shame, the greatest enemy of God’s grace and also the greatest inhibitor of truth, justice, and human love, is something that must be addressed if a dysfunctional human […]

On Becoming More Christian, Not Less, In Our Politics

By scottsauls | August 1, 2019

If you’re on social media or are watching the news for more than twelve seconds, you’re sure to spot some sort of rant about a political figure. It has become our habit to mock and insult those authority figures we disagree with. While we can (and should) feel strongly about different political and social issues, […]