Toward a Truer Christianity…Abandoning Us-Against-Them

By scottsauls | June 29, 2019

In my role as a so-called “public Christian” who leads a church and weighs in on the issues of our day through speaking, discourse, and writing, I am eager to nurture environments in which people can openly disagree…but without the fear of being caricatured, labeled, or demonized. In other words, I am for disagreeing in an […]

Thoughts on Revoice, Unnecessary Division, and the PCA

By scottsauls | June 21, 2019

At the risk of speaking too soon, I thought I would share a few thoughts as my denomination, the Presbyterian Church in America, heads into its annual General Assembly gathering in Dallas (think Southern Baptist Convention, but for Presbyterians). Speaking of the SBC, earlier this month our Baptist friends debated and approved a resolution regarding human […]

What Is The Gospel?

By scottsauls | June 15, 2019

The Gospel is more than the “first step in a staircase” of truths. It is better likened to the hub of a wheel, the central reality around which all of life is arranged. It is not a basic truth from which we move on to deeper truths, but is the central truth from which all […]

On Being Fully Known, Yet Never Rejected

By scottsauls | June 12, 2019

Being forgiven by God and knowing we are not condemned (Romans 8:1-2) frees us to come out of hiding. Being forgiven empowers us to face the uglier parts of our character, because Jesus has already dealt with the shame of those uglier parts. We don’t have to be crushed any more when our flaws are seen […]

Some Thoughts on Abortion

By scottsauls | June 2, 2019

The abortion debate has undergone a significant resurgence in light of recent news. Because of this, I and other pastors are receiving plenty of requests to weigh in. Below is an essay I wrote on the subject a few years ago. I hope it will be helpful to you as you navigate these important concerns […]