Toward a Better, Healthier, More Life-Giving Faith

By scottsauls | April 10, 2019

These days, the word “Christian” seems to evoke as many negative reactions as it does positive ones. This bothers me. Does it bother you? Critics might summarize their feelings about Christians with these words attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: “I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your […]

Some Thoughts on Sin

By scottsauls | April 4, 2019

Today, I want to consider the contrast between the Gospel and self-actualization or moral autonomy — the idea that being a law unto ourselves is the key to freedom and happiness. The Gospel liberates us from moralism and the restlessness, insecurity, and distorted relationship patterns that moralism creates. But it does more than merely liberate us from moralism. […]