Our Money-Sickness and the Genius of Jim Carrey

By scottsauls | April 21, 2015

A friend once told me that his boss, a hedge fund manager, routinely opened and drank bottles of wine valued at $25,000. When my friend first told me this, I was appalled by the opulence. I said that I could never enjoy a glass of wine from a bottle so costly, because with each sip I […]

Aroma Essentials: “Grace and Truth” Building Blocks for Jesus’ Ambassadors

By scottsauls | April 17, 2015

BE WARNED: This post is LONG. Like, 8x the average long. As far as Christians are concerned, the work of Jesus is complete. Regarding our standing as beloved, forgiven, delighted-in daughters and sons of God, “It is finished,” just as He said. Jesus’ life of moral perfection and never-failing love secured for us a new status—blameless and beloved in […]

Sometimes Compassion Comes In Unexpected Packages

By scottsauls | April 15, 2015

(Adapted from Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward for Those Who Are Tired of Taking Sides) One of the greatest stumbling blocks to Christianity, especially among those who are drawn to the idea of a loving, compassionate God, is the Bible’s teaching on judgment. Jesus, who was full of compassion and gave his life because […]

On Affirmation, Critique, and Our Insatiable Appetite for Praise

By scottsauls | April 7, 2015

A few years ago, my friend Gabe Lyons and Dave Kinnamon wrote unChristian, a sobering commentary on Christianity’s decline in the West due to departure from the biblical vision to engage a secular world with grace and love. Similarly, Philip Yancey once said in an interview, When I ask people, “What is a Christian?” they […]