Thoughts on Sex

By scottsauls | January 29, 2015

  The following is adapted from Jesus Outside the Lines: A Way Forward for Those Who are Tired of Taking Sides The landscape is changing on the subject of sexuality. The centuries-old, universal consensus among Christians, Jews, and Muslims as well—that God gave sex for marriage between one man and one woman—is being questioned not only by secular […]

A Vision for Integrating Faith and Work

By scottsauls | January 21, 2015

This week I am featuring an essay written by Christ Presbyterian Church‘s recently announced Missy Wallace, who will soon become Executive Director of CPC’s Nashville Institute for Faith and Work. Missy’s essay first appeared on a book review website, and her review is of a Faith and Work book called Every Good Endeavor, co-written by my former NYC colleagues Tim […]

The Healing of Shame and a “New You”

By scottsauls | January 8, 2015

Being forgiven by God and knowing we are not condemned (Romans 8:1-2) gives us freedom to come out of hiding. Forgiveness empowers us to face the uglier parts of our character, because Jesus has already dealt with the shame of those uglier parts. We don’t have to be crushed any more when our flaws are seen […]