If We’re Not Offending People, Are We Being Faithful?

By scottsauls | October 20, 2012

Occasionally people will ask me to clarify something I said in a sermon, an article, or some other teaching. This post relates to an excellent question I recently received about the emphasis at Christ Presbyterian Church on what we call “hospitable worship.” When you make your services ‘hospitable’ to people who do not agree with Christian teaching, do […]

Is Worship for Believers, Seekers, or Both (or Neither)?

By scottsauls | October 17, 2012

The CPC pastoral staff and I have been encouraged by such robust interaction with the CPC101 material as we have released it congregation-wide over the past several weeks. Along the way, we have heard some great questions and comments about the teaching. One recent question led to an email interaction that I thought would be […]